The Profits.

No 5 or 10 sweepstakes, no in the last European Championship it was over 3200 in winnings prizes such as Apple iPads to pick up. During the football season you can become the big winner on every match day. If you have the most bet coins in your account at the end of the event, match or day the one wins . Simple or? You see a continuously updated ranking and the best thing about the whole story is that your sports book tips are evaluated completely automatically. Your bet account on betting format also includes a tip statistics and a tip history. So you can always track how your success rate is. Measure with the other sports betting fans out there and get the richest profits and winnings . Mostly they are betting vouchers of the well-known bookmakers, but we will always play attractive prizes for you. It is important that you bet in the prediction your respective bet account number, or the respective username, as this is the only way to get the profits.


This is how you get the most out of your sports book tips – The Bettingrings Provider

You can make the right profit if, in addition to the right sports bet tips, you also have as much security as possible in the form of free bets or additional bonus offers. That you find the highest offers on betting format. Nowhere else do you get a sports book bonus without deposit for more than 15 providers. In total (assuming you do not have an active betting account at all), this makes over 100 completely free betting. Another point where we differentiate very strongly is the deposit offers. Not infrequently these go up to 500%. So you can secure yourself with small deposit already 5 or 6 times the value. Such offers are unique and can only be found on betting format. We often negotiate for weeks until there is the next offer for you . The more of you take advantage of these offers and the more of you participate in our prediction games, the more and above all the better deals we can offer you in the future. Often we only give away vouchers for participation in a prediction game. After such actions, you can look elsewhere for a long time, because they do not exist. With an active bet account on betting format you enjoy additional advantages such as the free participation in the prediction games with really strong profits. In addition, we distribute betting coupons at regular intervals – just like that!


Betting company comparison – no uniformity – individuality counts

Everyone is different and therefore the needs when it touches sports betting . There are thousands of strategies and philosophies, so we have divided all providers into numerous details to give you the best possible filtering option. No matter what your value, with us you will find the right offers and that with just a few clicks. Our bookmaker comparison allows you to search for specific filter options. Be it the betting offer, the bonus, the odds or the service. Even if you are looking for bookmakers with certain payment methods, you can choose this with us. You are looking for bookmakers who do not charge any betting tax yet? – we have them! You are looking for bookmakers who offer e-sports and also have a high percentage on the bonus? – you will find it here! In addition, we compare all the criteria in a clear graphic, so you can quickly determine who has the nose where and thus is the right provider for your sports bets tips.