Minimum deposit

The use of the betting bonus is of course bound to a minimum amount that must be paid. Good sports betting bonus offers are characterised by low minimum deposit amounts. After all, for many sports betting fans, not only is the maximum bonus amount a deciding factor. Many initially want to transfer smaller amounts to the betting account in order to “test” the respective bookmaker. Especially attractive for such sports weather are those bonuses that can be used from a low deposit value from ten to twenty five. 

Sales Requirements / Minimum Sales

The value of the minimum deposit is particularly important for the so-called sales requirements of the respective betting bonus.  A sports betting bonus is linked to a minimum turnover: this means that the bonus amount – depending on the bonus offer – must be implemented several times (for example 3 times, 4 times, 5 times etc.) in order to be paid by the bookmaker. If the bonus amount is e.g. 200 , since you have used the betting offer 100% to 100 , and minimum turnover requirement is 3 times the bonus amount, you must place for a payout bets worth a total of 600. On other side, if you opted for a  deposit amount of 40 , the bonus amount would amount to 80 and therefore only a minimum turnover of 240 would be necessary. So you see, the amount of the deposit should be well thought out with a betting bonus.

Required minimum quota

In addition to the minimum turnover explained above, a second bonus condition plays a very important role: It is the minimum requirement of the sports betting bonus. What is meant by this minimum quota? This refers to the lower limit of the betting odds. This means: If the betting bonus says that you have to bet on the amount of – let’s say – 300, then this has to be done with a required minimum of quota . The best betting bonus offers here indicate a quota in between 1 .50 and 2.00. From bonus offers, which require a minimum rate of over 2.00, we advise against!

Time limits

Be particularly attentive, it says at the fixed time limits. Also for this there are different conditions for the different betting bonuses for new customers. A distinction must be made between time limits that affect the deposit and the time templates to which the mentioned sales request is bound. For each sports betting bonus, it is therefore absolutely necessary to clarify until when a new application requires the deposit to actually use the betting bonus. This period is usually between three and 14 days. But even more essential is the period in which the minimum turnover has to be made. Obviously, the more time you spend on it, the better the betting bonus. Beware of all too short periods of time!

Restrictions on bets / bet types

Rarely, but still it can happen that the betting budget won by the sports betting bonus can not be used for all the bet types provided by the bookmaker. Sometimes there is the possibility that, for example, live betting in terms of minimum turnover are excluded – which of course can be very annoying for sports betting fans. This is a reason why all in that in particular important that you  carefully study the terms of the betting bonus – in our bonus reviews, we have prepared this for you but without detailed!

Limitations on payment methods

Also regarding the payment methods it can come depending upon betting bonus to restrictions. Often just payment services such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller can be used but only the second deposit and are excluded for the transfer of the deposit bonus. Sometimes the restriction may also be related to a country restriction per se.  A look into the terms and conditions of the betting provider or the separately stated bonus terms of the respective sports betting bonus are absolutely necessary! After all, the weather experience should not be clouded by overlooking certain important criteria. For this reason, we have made it on betting format to our task, for you all important bonus details to gather and to break down, so that you can always decide for the best betting bonus as you see that!