What and where are the best bet bonus offers?

Actually, all bookmakers rely on a lucrative sports betting bonus – among other things, with the aim to win new bettors. This is one of the reasons why the betting bonus offers have gradually improved in recent years and are increasingly being tailored to the needs of betting customers. There are now a large number of sports betting bonuses that differ both in their nature and have different bonus conditions. As can be seen in the above list, we would like to concentrate on the betting bonus offers aimed specifically at new customers. First of all, the use of a sports betting bonus isn’t hard at all . Therefore, the first two sections are supposed to clarify how the betting bonus works and the different bonus conditions and criteria that you should definitely pay attention to. Two factors are fundamental to the sports betting bonus only for new customers and betters.

Amount of betting bonus in percent (%)
The value of 100% means that the amount of your first deposit will be multiplied by one hundred percent . In this case, this is a doubling of your deposit. If you decide, for example, for an amount of 70 , you will receive an additional 70 on the welcome bonus rights. In the end, 140 will land on your newly opened betting account. Important: If the betting provider or in the following remarks of a “bonus amount” the speech, so is not just the surcharge of the bookmaker (here in the value of 70 ) meant, but the entire amount. In our example so the entire 140 .

Maximum possible bonus amount
The second part of the betting bonus offer describes the maximum possible deposit amount up to which the sports betting bonus is granted. So is the speech of “up to 100 “, then the maximum amount in our example logically 200 . Both the bonus amount in% and the maximum bonus amount can vary greatly from betting provider to betting provider. Sometimes, the attractiveness of the sports betting bonus offers that work according to this pattern is increased: Often, an additional free bet is granted or a small amount of money is transferred as a welcome gift to the account, which is not subject to any other conditions. Finally, the actual betting bonus is subject to several bonus conditions. What are the criteria here and how these are crucial for a good sports betting bonus, we will mention in the next section .

Bonus Conditions: What do you have to consider when wagering bonus?
Whether it is the best sports betting bonus, decide not only the amount of the bonus amount or the maximum amount, but especially several bonus criteria that must be met in order to actually take maximum of your betting bonus .