On Bettingring weekly tip games are held. The winnings will be betting odds of the respective sponsor betting provider. On this page you will find the rules of the game that must be followed in order to receive a possible profit! Any violation may also result in your betting format Tip account being suspended. We put a lot of emphasis on fair play so we ask you to read the rules carefully and follow them strictly. Only then is it possible for us to organize such prediction games with strong prizes. The team of Bettingring wishes you good luck with the prediction games.

Prediction game rules:

  1. In the betting format prediction games anyone who has registered a bet account on betting format may participate.
  2. Participation is completely and totally free.
  3. A player can participate in several prediction games and also receive several prizes.
  4. Each betting game is sponsored by a bookmaker providing winnings in the form of betting odds. The turnover conditions are described in the respective prediction game in the terms of participation.
  5. Each player starts with a Bettingring credit of 10000. Under Bettingring understands the internal currency in the betting games on betting format. The goal is to increase the 10000 betting coins by means of correct sports betting tips. Only the net profit is counted. So if a bet with 1000 bet coins is set to a 1.50 odd, the result is a win of 500 bet coins. The goal is to win the most betting coins at the end of the prediction game.
  6. The start and end of the prediction game is always specified. The prediction game disappears automatically as soon as the day of the last game is over. Then the results in the prediction game archive can be found and viewed.
  7. The betting format prediction game work with the real odds of each betting provider. In addition to the main tips 1×2 it is also possible to place bets and special bets. How many detail bets exist may sometimes vary.
  8. Bettingring reserves the right to correct incorrect odds and then settle them again.
  9. The results are always recorded at the latest by 00:00 of the following day.
  10. Betting format reserves the right to correct incorrect results and re-evaluate the tips.
  11. If a tip is issued due to a time error after the start of the event or match, betting format reserves the right to settle the tip with 1.00.
  12. If an event is canceled or canceled, the tip will be charged with 1.00. Tips given can not be canceled or changed in retrospect.
  13. The minimum bet is 10 betting coupons by default, the maximum bet is 1000 betting coupons. Should there be other betting limits, these will be communicated in the prediction game in the terms of participation.
  14. Per person, household and IP, only one tipping account may be used on betting format. Any violation or attempt to cheat will result in automatic disqualification, cancellation of all winnings, and closure of the tipping account.