QUOTES BOOSTS – Increased betting odds

Netbet is known for extreme odds increases. That’s why we have on this exclusive promotion page all currently available offers from Netbet We raise the odds for you ! We get for you the best odds offers of the bookmakers. That is why we have recorded on this exclusive promotion page all currently available offers our top bookmakers. These are often also zero-risk bets, which means that even if the bet is lost, the bet is also back! All offers are only for new customers who register via betting format with the respective bookmaker !. These are also zero-risk bets, which means that even if the bet is lost, the bet is also back! All offers are only for new customers who sign up for bet size on Netbet!

What really quotes and bet increases are?

The quota increases, as the name implies, is about rising a betting odds over the middle value or above the standard that the respective bookmaker has in its program. The odds can be raised and multiplied by a factor of  10. Or the odds on Tip 1, Tip 2, or for both game skips and exits increased. The betting odd for tip called “X”, for example a draw, is kept untouched. Such quota increases are gladly combined with a zero-risk bet, meaning that even if you lose the bet, you get all your bets to you back.

Quota increases – you have to pay attention!

It is important to consider whether the quota increase is an offer for new customers or for existing customers. Often such offers are only given to new customers who have not yet registered a betting account with the respective bookmaker. Thus, you often fall out of the action as an existing valued user or customer already . Sometimes, however, there are also such quota boosts for existing customers, so always pay close attention to the offer description. In addition to these limitations, there is also a further limitation, which is very crucial, however, whether a quota increase is even interesting, namely the betting limit.

The deployment limit.

At first, you think fast – how can that be? – if a bookmaker increases the odds for the favorite by 10 times. But the catch is as so often in the detail. Usually such offers are limited with bets of 5, 10, 15, or in rare cases even with 20 . Despite these limits, such offers can be very interesting. Take as an example a past game of the EURO 2016 of Germany against Italy in the quarterfinals. Thus, a bookmaker has increased the odds on the victory of Germany at 9.00 and limited the stake to 5 . In addition, however, there was still the use in case of loss back. Meanwhile, we know that the duel was decided on penalties, the result after 90 minutes was 1: 1, so a draw. If you had used the offer, there would simply be the use of 5 back on the betting account. So nothing is being lost . In addition, one would have had the chance to win a full 45 . So even if the betting limit often diminishes the appeal of the offer, it is absolutely worth a try, as there is nothing to lose – unless there is no “bet back” in case of loss. So always pay close attention to the details, or always look at betting format, because we summarise all relevant information in the quota boosts for you compact.

Which bookmakers offer odds boosts?

At the moment, the quota increases seem to represent a new trend in the offers. There were a few bookmakers like Ladbrokes, or Paddy power, so especially the English suppliers who went with such quota increases in the market. It quickly turned out that such offers often outperform a classic deposit bonus and so the quota increases or price boosts as they are called in the English betting market became more popular and more and more represented. Currently there are quota boosts for almost every major bookmaker. The best and most offers can be found at William Hill, Netbet, Ladbrokes and Bet victor.