Betting tips in a new dimension with BettingRing:
Sports Betting Everything was yesterday, high quality content and great bonus offers today. If you are crazy about sports betting like we are, then after the first visit to betting format you will come back again and again, because the things we got are unique . You get, and mind you daily updated, compact but detailed sports betting tips for the upcoming events. Of course, King Football is the focus here, but we do not just love football, but also all other sports. Ok, it does not have to be curling then. Back to the essential – you will find in addition to high-quality and exclusive font and offers of sports betting providers that you would get nowhere else. We speak of the highest free bets and deposit bonus offers. Not 50 or 100% with us it goes up to 500% and as a member you still have many other advantages such as betting vouchers for existing betting accounts, not only for new customers, we want to offer you even after registration a unique service.

Sports Betting Tips Analysis
Editorially created and qualitative game analysis, that’s our motto. It’s not for nothing that we hire experienced sports betting tippers who provide you with fresh content every day. The current form, the odds, what do the statistics say, are there riots in the squad or in management? All this we take into account in our sports bet tips. But the bottom line is the years of experience we provide, because our tips are complex but stay compact. The written analysis is followed by an “on the spot” betting forecast including additional stats tips based purely on the dates and numbers of past games. Of course, a separate quota comparison including all relevant statistics may not be missing here. You can find all current sports bet tips in the betting tips of today . If the encounter is also represented in one of our prediction games, then you can see how our betting format bet on bets.

Betting Format Mobile Betting Tips
Most of the bets are only made via the mobile device, which is why betting format is optimised for all common mobile devices. Our sports betting tips are also mobile complete with all information such as the dates and facts about the upcoming match, our analysis including a compact betting forecast. Afterwards we show you a clear quota comparison of all listed sports book providers, as well as a set of statistics of the teams meeting each other. Thus, you can retrieve our tips anytime, anywhere.

The sports betting prediction game
After months of development, it was finally put live – the betting format prediction game. Betting games are a dime a dozen, mostly the registration and the administration are complicated and time consuming – not with us. Our goal was to develop the best sports betting prediction game and what could be better orientated than where we put all our bets? I agree! At the sports book providers. Our prediction game works 1:1 exactly as you are used to from the bookies of this world. You have a login, a separate bet slip, variable bet and the possibility to place bets with a large selection of detailed bets such as First Half, Over / Under, Draw no bet, Win to 0, or Double Chance. This allows you to enter at any time just before the end of a prediction game, because a high quota a high profit and thus you can chase very quickly to the winning places.